5 Steps In Truck Air Filter Cleaning Guide

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truck air filter cleaning

Before we get on to the filter cleaning guide, do you know that your semi or truck air filter is critical to maintaining engine performance?

Although the accumulation of dirt, dust, and more will always impede air flow, over time the accumulation of these materials can actually cause other trucks parts to run harder. For example, if your filter is dirty, your engine needs to work harder to draw in air or cool down. 

Materials such as dirt, dust, pollen, insects, animal hair, and other small particles enter the engine and block the carburetor. This will decrease the power output of your truck as well.

Easy 5 Steps In Truck Air Filter Cleaning Guide

Disclaimer: Please check your vehicle owner’s manual before cleaning. If you do not want to DIY, you can always head down to your mechanic and have them service for you. 

Remove the filter. Before removing the filter, you have to make sure that the engine is cool. Next, take out the air filter, making sure there are no dirt or debris that falls into the airbox or intake. Remove the housing and wing nut that is attached to it to remove the outer element. 

Cleaning solution. Next apply or spray the filter with a cleaning solution and let it soak. If you are DIY-ing, check the instruction on how long you need to soak it. 

Rinse Your Filter. Use a garden hose of a faucet to spray water from the interior of the filter to the exterior. This way, the dirt will get pushed out. Avoid streching or wringing the filter as they can tear easily. 

Drying. Shake the filter of any excess water and set to dry. If you have an oiled filter, make sure that the filter is dry completely before oiling.

Replace. Use fresh filter oil if you are using an oiled filter. Apply the oil evenly and squeeze out the excess and then place the filter back to its housing.  

How Often Should I Change The Air Filter In A Semi truck?

Semi truck air filters keep harmful emissions from entering the cab and are also a part of the HVAC system, which means they need to be changed regularly.

These filters should be changed every 50,000 miles or at the factory’s recommendations.

By now you already know that filter is important for your commercial vehicle and requires cleaning and replacing. It is highly recommended to have a couple of spares on hand. If you are looking to buy in bulk or volume, you are welcome to use the contact form here.

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