2022 Commercial Vehicle Brake Pad Replacement Cost Guide

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In this post, we will walk through the commercial vehicle brake pad replacement cost.

If your commercial vehicle brake pads are damaged or broken, you need to replace them as soon as possible because it affect the safety of your passenger and yourself. You need to ensure that your brakes work as expected, so you won’t have any unexpected accidents or injuries. The brake pads will eventually need to be replaced.


Yes, you can remove and replace the worn brake pads. You just need to make sure that the brake rotors are not damaged beyond the discard thickness. As we know, brake pads and brake rotors work together. If one of them fails, the other will help you stop your vehicle.


When your car’s brakes are on their last leg, you need to stop as soon as possible. Because this signal means that the brake pad has worn out and now you are rubbing metal-to-metal against each other. This signal means that you need to change the pads. Don’t let the brake pad replacement cost stops you from changing them.


A brake pad wears out after around 50,000 miles. However, it’s important to check for warning signs that your brakes need replacing earlier to prevent further damage. Brake wear indicators can help you identify if you need to replace your brake pads. 

Four main types of indicators exist:

  • Physical
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Position sensor

An indicator of physical wear can be seen by inspecting the brake pad visually. You can see through the opening of the brake pad to see how much material is worn away, and a cut can be placed to indicate what level the brake pad can be used at before a replacement is necessary.

If your brake pads are squealing or making grinding noises, you may have a piece of metal that’s entering the brake disc. This type of indicator is mechanical.

An electrical indicator works similarly to a mechanical indicator. However, when you touch it, a light will activate in your dashboard.

Position Sensors are typically used in heavy-duty vehicles, and work by sensing the positions of the brake pads and other components of the braking system.


Brake Pad Replacement Cost

Now that you know more about brake pads, you might still be wondering: “How much does brake pad replacement cost?”

The cost of replacing brake pads can vary depending on the size of the replacement you need. Brake pads typically come in sets, so the cost of a single replacement can be less than a whole axle repair or complete brake job. You’ll probably spend between $20 and $100 for one brake set (axle). However, as mentioned above, the price differs significantly by type and brand. A cheaper brake pad will usually deteriorate sooner, thus requiring you to replace them sooner than if they were the more expensive kind.

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Having your brakes checked at least once a year and keeping up on routine maintenance will help prevent brake pads from wearing out quickly.

Most brakes have indicators that tell you when it’s time to replace them. You can hear a squealing sound when it’s due for a replacement, or you can check for yourself. New brake pads are more prone to braking fade. Be extra careful after installing new pads.

Most brakes have some type of indicator. The brake pads themselves can be inspected for wear. If they are still within specifications, they can be replaced.

There are many things to think about when buying commercial vehicle brakes. The best bet is to look for quality commercial vehicle brake replacement brand than settle for cost.

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