4 Type Of Semi Truck Brake Problems

In this semi truck brake problems post, we look at 3 most common semi truck braking problems, in particular, so that you can avoid or correct them before they cause a problem to yourself or others.

While a semi-truck driver is primarily responsible for the cargo in their truck, they are also responsible for their own vehicle on the road. The semi-truck driver not only has to deliver the cargo, but they also have to make sure that their vehicle isn’t a safety hazard on the road.

4 Semi Truck Brake Problems

semi truck brake problems

1. Misaligned Brake Shoes

The first in semi truck brake problem is misaligned brake shoes.

Brake shoes come in pairs that are designed to wear out in an even fashion. Unfortunately, sometimes, one shoe wears out faster than the other. This causes an imbalance that stresses the weaker shoe and it starts rubbing against the wall of the brake drum, causing it to wear out faster and create a dangerous situation for drivers.

Therefore, when a truck is not responding in the same way as usual, check that the wheel has been properly aligned. If that doesn’t fix the problem, then take the vehicle back to the dealer. This is because most dealerships are run by individuals who are well-trained and capable of doing a thorough inspection and repair on a vehicle. The mechanics they work with are highly trained, and they will ensure that the repairs made are not faulty and will not result in future issues.

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2. Damaged Airline

You may also need truck service if your truck’s airline becomes damaged. Unlike passenger vehicles, semi-trucks use air via a pneumatic system to power the brakes. When an airline breaks, cracks, or gets punctured, the air pressure is compromised, preventing you from stopping as effectively.

3. Bad Compressor

A truck with an air compressor needs to be maintained on a regular basis. This is done by filling up the air reservoir with compressed air. You can usually see the reservoir as the blue thing on top of the trailer.  If you’re not getting enough air to the brakes, it may be time to see if your truck needs repairs.

4. Brake Lock 

If you start to notice that your semi-truck seems sluggish when you try to accelerate, the most likely explanation is that the brake shoes are struggling to let go. While the semi-truck may be fine when moving slowly, it may seem sluggish when accelerating again. This is typically because the brake shoe is struggling to release itself.

 How often should semi-truck brakes be replaced?

It is wise to check your brakes for wear on a regular basis so that you don’t have to experience any unpleasant surprises. One easy way to do so is to replace the brake pads.  A recommendation for how often to brake pad replacement would be every 30,000 miles but if you need to replace the rotors instead, the rule of thumb is to do so every 100,000 miles.

Hopefully, by now, you know the most common semi truck brake problems and how to rectify it. If you are a fleet owner or a solo truck operator and looking to buy brake, you can leave us your requirement at our contact page. 

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