Truck Bushing Guide

If you drive a semi or truck, then this truck bushing guide is for you.

In case you are wondering if your truck come installed with bushing? The short answer is yes. However, you may find that there is a need to replace them eventually and this is the part where most people get confused.

Bushing are available both online or offline for purchase and comes with different hardness option. This influences the stability and response of the truck you drive. So in this guide, we will go through the essential information that will help you.

Truck Bushing Guide

Truck Bushing Guide

What Are Bushings On A Truck For?

Bushings are meant to absorb the impact and reduce noise and vibrations made by vehicle while traveling on the road. They are made of rubber and other materials. Like other auto parts, bushings will wear out after prolong usage.

How Much Do Bushings Cost To Replace?

It really depends. As of writing, the cost of bushings and kingpins can range from anywhere $500 to $1500. However, to replace them requires specialised skill set. It is recommended to go to your nearest garage to have the pro repair it for you. Typically, it takes about 2 hours to change.

Can You Drive Without A Bushings?

No, you cannot drive without a bushings and it is not safe for the driver, passenger and others on the road. Bushings in fact, is designed to cushion the front end of your truck components and critical steering. If you suspect your bushings need replacement, go to your garage to have it inspect.

What Causes Bushings To Go Bad?

There are a several causes to it. One of the more common one is heat. The high heat can causes the rubber to harden and crack. If there is excessive roll on your truck or semi, this can in turn causes them to twist even more and tear.

What Happens If I Don’t Replace Bushings?

First and foremost, any parts or component that is not acting like the way they should, should immediately have them replace or check up by the pro. Likewise, when semi or truck bushing wear due to prolong use, they tend to allow more movement. This means that the driver may hear clunking noice on roads that are rough, hard braking or turning. The more distinct is that driver may experience loose steering and poor handling. These are some of the more common bushing symptoms.

How Long Do Semi or Truck Bushings Last?

As you already know that bushings are made of rubber and is designed to last. Typically, the life span of semi or truck bushings can last about 15 years. This can change drastically when in extreme environment condition and one usage.

Where Can I Buy Bushing For My Truck?

You can check out the different bushings brands here.

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