3 Important Signs To Change Truck Shock Absorbers

If you ever drove a truck before, you will know how truck shock absorbers are one of the most crucial components of a truck’s suspension system. They play many important functions like

  • Maintaining tire-to-road contact
  • Protecting springs and airbags from wear and tear
  • Helping reduce wear and tear to other suspension components

If your truck shock absorbers is faulty, it may lead to higher operating cost for fleet owner and a super bumpy ride for the drivers.

Truck Shock Absorbers

If you do not know yet, for every 150K miles, the shock absorbers need to be changed? However, this number varies due to various reasons like unexpected road conditions, extreme weather conditions and the usage. But how do we know when is the right time to replace? In this post, we will share that and more.

So let’s get started.

Uneven Tire Wear

Not all roads surface are equal and your truck’s shocks can greatly affect its road-holding ability, which may cause or lead to uneven ride, excessive bouncing. This accelerate tire wear and when this happen, it indicate a need for a truck shock absorber replacement.

It can also lead to a loss of power to control the truck which posed a danger on road. So, regularly inspect your truck’s tires for unusual patterns as this can one of the tell tale sign that its time to change the shock absorber.

Knocking Sounds

Knock knock who’s there?

If you hear knocking sound, it means that the dampening is starting to wore out. This happens when you have a worn-out bushing. These knocking sound becoming more noticeable when the truck is on bumps or uneven road. It pays to bring your truck to a garage for a thorough inspection of your truck’s suspension system.

If you are diy-ing, you can start by checking the ball joints, tie bar or sway bar as damage to any of these parts can cause knocking sounds. If left uncheck, it will lead to more serious mechanical fault – including loss of steering control.

Fluid Leaking from the Unit

The shock absorbers on a vehicle are filled with oil.

This ensures that their dampening ability is working at optimal.

While the oils are in sealed containers, it is normal to see a small amount of oil leaking.

However, if you see oil leaking non-stop or an oily patch, this means there’s more serious problem.

It’s time to change your shocks quickly.

The most common truck drivers would ask is “How to know if your truck has leaking shocks?”

Well the short answer is tiring and uncomfortable rides – even for a short distance. When you feel or experience this, quickly drive to your garage and have your truck inspect by a skilled mechanic. They will then advise you on what’s the next step you will need to take.

And if you think that you could just replace the faulty shock and not the rest, think again?

It is highly recommended to replace the shocks with higher quality than what came in the package. They can make the drive feel smoother and better.

What’s Next?

Now that you know all these common telltale signs, don’t you think it’s a whole lot easier to spot it and decide if it’s the time to get a replacement shock absorbers?

But before you go all over to shop for OEM or aftermarket truck shock absorbers, remember these 3 common reason why shock start working weird.

  • Uneven driving experience even if road is even
  • Knocking noise that comes out from nowhere
  • Sudden excessive oil loss

That’s it! While you are here, you can browse our range of Truck absorber online here.

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